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30 January 2005 @ 02:26 am
oh, can i please shut up about kunicon already?  
So I was wondering if Maboroshi had pictures from the Orange Anime winter gathering, by any chance (I dunno if he was there or not, anyway), and... bang. There's even more commentary on Otakucon / Kunicon Miami, 2004.

Really, it looks to me like all that's happened is that Kunicon has actually connected themselves to the plane of reality. Kind of strange that they made their information for their San Diego event vanish without a trace, but clearly, what's going on is that they've realized what their limits are. They've realized what they can get in the way of staff, guests, and attendees, and are planning accordingly to host truly enjoyable events.

(Well, this is wishful thinking, but this may be what's really going on over there!)

I had more or less said in my original report there there's truly no hope for this organization --- but they may actually be able to pull themselves out of the mud and do something really good with what resources and plans they have.

.... Either that, or they're about to land face first in the crapper. Only time will tell! XD