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23 December 2005 @ 05:35 am
Hi there. I think we may have once met... many moons ago?

Just to explain things a bit for the non-South-Florida people here: Mega 94.9 is a radio station that plays awful Latin (and some English) hip-hop and *shudder* reggaeton music. Crap Channel - aka Clear Channel - destroyed the radio station that had formerly occupied its space on the dial, WZTA 94.9 FM, "Zeta", which was a rock station. For a few days, there was no rock music to be found ANYWHERE on the dial in South Florida, until 'Party 93.1', owned by Cox, did a format change to enter the market Crap Channel had just abandoned. The WVUM Filter would have to be damned powerful to make Mega sound like anything other than... um... ew.
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