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03 March 2005 @ 02:44 am
Alright, back home with a mouse of multiple buttons (+3), and the comic's done. (I'm a little slow in announcing this here, though. Hmm.)

Based, more or less, on actual events. (The collision is the huge crunch you hear around 23 seconds, and yes... that IS the sound of the bus taking off afterwards. Heehee, PWN and run!

Hmm. I guess the world never stays the same, in a way... everything changes from time to time, including myself. And this time, they're changes for the better.

Okay, I'll stop being all cryptic and add the following:
My Plan for Artistic Improvement
(because, as you all know, it's desperately needed!)
1. In the field of art, and many other places in the world... one learns by doing, and I'm not learning all that much because I'm not doing much. I plan to immerse myself more in my artwork, and not let a day go by without drawing, without studying the conversion of the world to two-dimensional space.
B. I want to take a figure drawing class, to better learn the complexities of drawing the human form. Maybe one of these days I'll even learn how to draw a car. (Buses are too easy... they're just all rectangles, for the most part... that's why you see so many of 'em here. Well, that and I believe them to be a far superior vehicle of road-based transit.)
0xDEADBEEF. Since most of my work is a combination of conventional and digital art techniques, I also plan to improve on the digital side. I really love The GIMP for its features and nice interface, but I think taking a class in Photoshop might benefit me some. After all, the tools are all pretty much the same, and knowing how to use them is half the battle. I also want to get a drawing tablet, to improve my interaction with my shiny digital box.
Thryatron. I wish to get to know some fellow members of the online art/comics community a bit better, in hopes that I can learn from them, and they can learn from me... and I can just generally meet a lot of cool people.
3.14159. I'm already pretty good at stopping and enjoying whatever scenery, sights, and sounds I live in, wherever and whenever I am, but it's all become a little too familiar. I plan to explore the world a bit more, in hopes that it will inspire me to capture more of the strange and wonderful moments of everyday life almost as if through the eyes of others.
Basugasubakuhatsu. I need to obtain more caffeine. Yes.

And there you have it. My hopes are that if I leave this sitting out in a public place such as this, I'll be a little better reminded to follow my own plans, in pursuit of greatness and MADNESS!

Thank you for playing. Feel free to enjoy the complimentary snacks by the door, if you can reach to pluck them from the ceiling tiles.

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